Who we are

  • what to expect

    • How should I dress?  Some dress casual, some dress up; We have friendly greeters to assist you.
    • Our parking lot is located behind the Worship Center and additional parking is also available in front of the Worship Center.
    • We pray you are encouraged when you join us for worship.
  • Why we are here

    We believe that everyone is loved by God.  Regardless of your past, God loves you-unconditionally!  His love is demonstrated through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  We discover God's love through His grace and forgiveness.

    We seek to help each other grow:

    ...in our love for Jesus by living a life of worship.

    ...in our commitment to Jesus by living a life of a disciple

    ...in our serving Jesus by living a missional life.

  • Our mission

    We seek to love God with all our being.  To love one another. To show the love of Jesus to our world.

  • Why We exist

    We are a community of people who are on a life journey of following Jesus.  We are here to help each other discover who Jesus is and how to follow Him.

    We acknowledge no one is perfect.  We are a broken people living in a broken world. As a faith community we believe that through faith in Jesus we discover victory from our broken life. Through faith in Jesus we discover God's forgiveness and healing.

    It is our desire that you would join us on this life journey.