Our team

  • Nick Acker


    I was born and raised in Texas in a family of educators - my dad was superintendent and my mom a teacher and counselor.  After graduating from high school, I soon moved to Zephyr Baptist Encampment and served there as Program Director.  I crammed 4 years of college into 5 and graduated from Howard Payne University majoring in Christian Studies. I met Rebekah Mauwmenyo Holt at Zephyr, and, after a little chasing and pleading, I convinced her to marry me in March of 2005. I was also called to First Baptist Church of Edinburg as Youth Pastor in 2005 and began my seminary studies.  I crammed 3 years of seminary into 7 and received my Master of Divinity degree from Logsdon Seminary in August of 2012. Somewhere in those 7 years Rebekah and I had a beautiful girl named Zoe, and a boy, a comedian in the making, named Liam.  First Baptist Church of Edinburg called me as Senior Pastor in January of 2012, and we served in that capacity for 5 wonderful years. In June of 2017  Beka and I believed God was moving us to California to pastor Grace Church and work on a PhD in Old Testament Studies through B.H. Carroll Theological Institute. Not long after arriving here, we discovered we were going to have another little boy, Baxley. We have been serving here blindly/faithfully ever since. 

  • William (Billy) Kappen


  • Reesa Rolon-Donnahoo

    Church Administrative Assistant